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Re: PC: F-7's

Can't say for sure, but Pc decided against the application of the red P logo 
as standard in only a few months after it began.  Yanosey's PC Power book 
delineated these time frames.  I did however remember seeing these units for 
a long time afterward, maybe up to 1972.  One interesting point is that I 
have a photo of at least two different PC GP40 units that kept their orange 
"C" logos right into Conrail!

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>Subject: Re: PC: F-7's
>Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 03:24:25 EST
>Can anyone confirm how long #1707 had that red "P" logo?  I recall seeing 
>at  Cleveland in 1974 but I don't recall the red/white logo at that time.
>Thanks,  Gene Dent

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