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Re: PC: Lease units/how far South/West

I remember a picture in a Rail Classics years ago that shows a PC GP40 in 
Taylor Yard of the SP in Los Angeles in power pool.  Also, under the NYC and 
then later PC, there was pool arrangements with the CB&Q, MP and Cotton 
Belt.  Frequent visitors to Pine Bluff, Arkansas were Pennsy and PC 

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>Subject: Re: PC: Lease units/how far South/West
>Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 18:39:13 -0600
>Does passenger equipment count?
> > A fellow modeler,the shame,indicates that he recently found a slide
> > showing
> > 2 PC U25Bs in Nashville on the L&N in 1973. Was wondering if anyone
> > can
> > provide the farthest west or south a PC unit went either in hours
> > payback or
> > on lease. Photo proof  would be of the greatest interest with a date
> > if
> > possible.
>Bryan Turner
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