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Re: PC: Central Indiana & Indianapolis Union Railways

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> Date:          Tue, 11 Jan 2000 10:11:25 -0500
> Subject:       PC: Central Indiana & Indianapolis Union Railways
> From:          EJ Caylor <caylorman -AT- juno.com>
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> 	Does anyone know out there how both the Central Indiana Railway & the
> Indianapolis Union Railway were run during the Penn Central Years.  I
> know that the Peoria & Eastern was still listed as a seperate entity,
> even though it was operated by PC.  The ETT I have for it from 1968 is a
> Penn Central timetable, but is listed as the Peoria & Eastern Railway. 
> Were the C.I. & I.U. Railways set up the same way?

	CI Ry was. It made it to CR.

>From the CI in Depth page of the RRs of Madison County pages:

When the NYC and PRR merged on Feb. 1, 1968, ownership of
the CI passed to the newly formed Penn Central RR (PC) and with their
bankruptcy, it became a part of Conrail (CR) on April 1, 1976. By the
mid 1980's it was in the process of being scrapped and it's last
locomotive, CI 1, the EMD SW1 had been sold. The last remnant was 
sold on November 4, 1986 and became the Central Indiana & Western. 


Roger Hensley
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