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Re: PC: RE:Cease and desist with model talk.

"Craig E. Hatter" wrote:
> So as long as it's still PC it's OK? Cause the Stewart PC C628 has been
> going on for days. I was just wondering.

I may have been a little vague before....

You're all free to discuss modeling issues that relate to the Penn
Central. Some of the Stewart C628 talk was a little off-topic, but I
let it go because I'm sure there's more than a few people on the list
that bought this particular engine because it was a PC prototype, and
so it might be useful. (I *do* try to run this list with reason and

I'm drawing the line at the moaning and whining about limited-run
models, model quality, how expensive things are getting to be, how
Athearn is going to be run out of business, blah blah blah. Interesting?
In my opinion, barely. Relevant to the list? No.


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