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PC: Re: Limited production and Athearn

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From: Garrett Rea <Garrett.Rea -AT- worldnet.att.net>
To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com <penn-central@smellycat.com>
Date: Sunday, January 09, 2000 9:58 PM
Subject: PC: Limited production and Athearn

>> I don't have a lot of spare income, and I'd like to have an engine that
>>interested in at a price that won't kill me. That's what got my goat about
>>Atlas and their Alco Centuries. Not only were they at a very high price
>>me, but I also found their limited run policy exasperating.
>Ditto, for some reason, that is the way of the world.  >The policy is that
rotation of products prevents stagnation of the market.
>Give me a break.  There will always be a market for quality GP7s, so why
>does P2K only do a limited run?  Atlas proved this with their "Classic"
>which sold for more than the P2K unit through many retailers.  The trade
>is detail and drive quality.  We have 5+ people doing F units right now,
>limited market........then why the competion at the same time of "limted
>production" models?
Glad to hear you HO guys piping in on this.  I've been screaming about N
scale limited runs for years.  It is even more perplexing that the
manufacturers do this in HO.  There's what, about eleventy jillion HO
guagers?  You'd think that on any given day you could at least buy a stupid
GP9 or an F-7.  For crying out loud, EMD built more real ones than the model
manufacturers make now, and EMD had a smaller, more demanding market!

Hopefully if the HO contingent starts to belly ache loud enough, the
manufacturers will start to listen, and stop catering to the engine snobs
and collectors that drive the prices up and the production runs down.


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