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PC: Re: ALCo site

Which reminds me.. I found out the details on the last C636 in the US...

CR 6792 nee PC 6342, Delta Bulk Terminals in Stockton CA operates it 2 days
a week to shuttle hoppers of some sort.   It's in modified Conrail paint;
has Hi-Ad trucks.  If you have a complete set of 1995 Railpace mags there's
a pic of it but I forget what month it is...  chances are by now it's the
only 6-axle Alco/MLW operating anywhere in the US other than the D-L
(GVT)'s ex-CP unit....

Bill K.

> From: Garrett Rea <Garrett.Rea -AT- worldnet.att.net>
> To: Penn Central <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
> Subject: PC: ALCo site
> Date: Sunday, January 09, 2000 10:24 AM
> With all the talk of ALCos, here is a good ALCo site for ALCo-built
> the world over.
> http://alcoworld.railfan.net/

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