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Re: PC: Early PC N5c paint/numbering

Regarding the black or not black roofs on cabin cars, one thing to remember 
is that when new the N-5 ,N-5c and N-8 cabins had body colored roofs. As the 
cars got older the roofs would start to leak so the PRR/PC would simply put 
roofing cement on the roof to seal it up. I owned for two years N-5c PRR 
477822, PC/CR 23145 this car was built with trainphones and when up on the 
roof you could see where roofing cement had been applied to stop leaks. This 
included on top of the cupola.  Since these cars never got any younger in use 
,roof cement was used up to their retirement and in most cases what you see 
as black paint on the roof was in fact roofing cement. I wondered what the 
cars would have looked like if the rr had used silver roof cement instaed of 
the black. It would of kept the cars alot cooler in summer.                   
       Ken McCorry

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