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PC: Y2K Problem


This message came dated Mon, 10 Jan 100 15:00:51 -0500 (EST) to me.  Since
most other messages come okay, I suspect your mailer is calculating year as
current year - 1900.  I am probably just telling you something you already
know, but just in case.


Jerry Jordak wrote:

> Hey gang,
> While it was mildly amusing for a while, this whole thread about model
> manufacturers and limited-run models has gotten WAY off-topic, so if
> you feel the need to discuss it more, feel free to do so on the model
> railroad list or rec.models.railroad. But please don't continue to do
> it here. Thank you.
> ObPC: This weekend I scanned a number of prints from the 1970s of PC
> Alcos around Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania. I will probably be posting
> them this week on the web site, so stay tuned.
> -Jerry
> PC Listmaster

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