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PC: 1900 F7s

>>My favorites are the ex-PRR units that were numbered in the 1900s.  These
>>were set up w/PRR cab singnals and NYC automatic controls, alowing
>>over both road's trackage.  Were these based in Cleveland-Collinwood also?
>  I worked out of Collinwood from '73-'76 as a brakeman and actively
>railfanned around there from about '71 on, and don't recall ever seeing an
>unit (assigned to Collinwood or elsewhere) with a road # higher than the
>1800 series. In fact, the 1866 is an engine I saw a lot of in those days,
>and I think it was the highest numbered F I encountered...not to say that
>higher #'s did not exist, but I didn't see them.

Bob, to clarify things, there were only four of them, (1903-1906) so chances
are pretty good that you did not see them.  1878 and 1879 were two other
oddballs, ex D&RGW, formally PC 721 and 754 according to Yanosey.  The early
photos of them in D&RGW paint w/worms just call to be modeled.

Seeing as most F units were gone from my neck of the woods by the time of my
childhood memories, the few chances that I have seen any are rare.  I have
heard there are a few in Tennessee, but I have yet to see them, excluding an
F3B I pass too and from work.  The last ones I saw were the ex-BN Executive
units at IRM, probably, the best preserved set in the US?


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