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RE: PC: Limited production and Athearn

You make an interesting point about the factory paint on your C-628.  I have found that the Stewart models vary a great deal with some (the D&H) being outstanding with others (L&N, Monon) quite poor.  I am amazed at how people will rave about Kato units and then overlook may inaccuracies.  The PRR SD40 had the wrong number font and color Keystone.  The GP35 had the right Keystone and yet still had the wrong number font.  All for $135 retail!  And has anyone ever tried to fix a bad Kato motor?  On a Athearn you pull the motor and change the brushes, clean the armature or what have you.  This cannot be done with a Kato or any of the other motors of this type.

I have modified prepainted models and painted them myself and in the end they are both about the same amount of work.  If you are willing to do a little work, you can still make quite a model out of any of the modern Athearns.  I addition, you can usually afford to do more than one.

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> Atlas is getting ridiculous on their pricing, especially with the
> "Classic" models in HO. (Classic meaning they are just reusing the old
> molds, with maybe a new drive.) It's funny how their prices went up and
> not down when they switched production to the large Asian country noted
> for slave labor. Their motto should be "Athearn Quality - Kato Price."
> I thought Proto 2000 would drive down prices and drive up quality of
> other makers, but the opposite has happened. Nobody's lowering prices and
> only Athearn has made a major effort (albeit only on certain, new models)
> to increase quality. I bought a Stewart Century (in L&N) and if I want it
> to be close to accurate I will have to strip off the old lettering!
> I've gotten fed up with the collector-limited edition hype. At one time,
> I would rush out and buy everything that I was interested in when it
> first came out. Now, I've started skipping some of these precious limited
> runs and guess what? The world did not come to an end. If a few of the
> over priced, under detailed runs sit in a warehouse maybe the makers will
> get the message.
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