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Re: PC: F-7's

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> NYC surprisingly had a lot of units with dynamic brakes.  The only ones
> definately did not have them that I recall were certain groups of GP 7 and
> 9's, the passenger F's, the GP20, GP30 and GP35 units.  I know the FA-1
> FA-2, the DL721, the U25B, U30B, and the GP40 diesels all had dynamic
> braking.  Did the NYC RS - 2 and 3 units have dynamic brakes?
> Jim Kosty

Ex-NY World's Fair GP35 1964 had dynamics and was sold to NYC as 6155 and
later as PC-CR 2399 and was NYC's only GP35 with the feature.

NYC DL721's did not have dynamic brakes. While NYC was the largest owner of
this model of 25 units none had this feature but ten built for the SP did
have dyanmic's. Defunct Delaware Valley Railway of Kennett Square, PA owned
a pair of RS32's of one each from CR (NYC) and SP as their 211-212. Anyone
know where these units are now?

No NYC RS2/3 units came equiped with dynamic brakes but did have steam
boilers for passenger service. PRR and WM were the only road to have high
short hood dyanmic brake/boiler equiped RS3's as well as standard short hood
RS3's with only dynamics. Reading also owned some RS3's with dynamics
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