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RE: PC: Limited production and Athearn

In addition, how come the Atlas C424/424 originally sold for around $36 and then increased in each subsequent run until it retailed for $99?!!!  The unit was great in 1985 but it certainly didn't improve any over time.

While Athearn models have some drawbacks, their models are still hard to beat.  I am not sure that all of the upgrades are always necessary.  I have three stock GP38-2 that run as well as any Kato engine I own.  The trick is to break them in and clean the wheels on occasion.

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> That's the part that irks me -  I spoke with a major manufacturer of model 
> train equipment once.  He told me that the cost of making these engines they 
> sell here for $100+ dollars is about $12 a unit - material, painting, 
> packaging, and shipping from Gzungchienhwong - he said the rest is just a 
> horrible markup.  Then they have this collector mentality that hurts the 
> guys that want to model prototypically.  One GP40 just does not cut it when 
> you are modelling the PC in any year of it's existence.  That would be like 
> modelling CP Rail and only having one SD40-2!  This limited - edition stuff 
> is for the birds.  They surely don't take an axe to the molds once they make 
> a run of 1000 models - and if they lowered the cost, they would still sell a 
> lot more quantity of these models to more people, and they would be making 
> more money in the long run.  I find it difficult now because there is so 
> much great stuff coming out all at once, but it's hard to find enough money 
> to buy them all in the two week window of availability!  It's almost enough 
> to make you laugh and cry at the same time!
> Jim Kosty
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