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Re: PC: F-7's

There was a pool of PRR F units that ran over the NYC to Syracuse through 
Corning NY back even before the merger.  These were equipped with cab 
signals and ATS for the NYC main.  It was funny, there were trains that ran 
over the PRR Elmira branch that were NYC trains.  I understand that, for 
certain months when Lake Ontario was frozen over and the coal port at Sodus 
was out of commision as a result of that freeze, the PRR guys got to run NYC 
trains over their line from Williamsport to Himrod Junction NY.  There, they 
turned up through the interchange onto the NYC Penn. Division, and headed on 
to the mainline at Lyons NY.  I did see a coal train on the PRR side before 
the merger at Horseheads NY with a bunch of NYC U25Bs on the point and at 
that time wondered why they were down there.  I know now.  PC also had a 
group of GP35 and GP40 units that were dual equipped before PC opted out of 
the NYC Automatic Train Stop system in favor of the PRR cab signal setup.
Jim Kosty

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> > During the early 70's I worked as a fireman out of Minerva, Oh and we 
> >about14
> > F7's that went south to the mines......
>Which would explain the photo of one I saw on the T&OC in Athens, OH then!
>Thanks Chip,

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