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RE: PC: F-7's

I recall seeing PC F7's on through Conrail trains in Hornell in 1977.  One time, the second unit on a TV train was a F7A!  I guess Conrail need all the help they could get in those early days.

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> I remember seeing F units a lot in Corning NY on the line between the NYC 
> main line at Lyons NY, down to the PRR / Reading interchange at 
> Williamsport, PA.  I also saw 4-5 unit sets of F's frequently up on the old 
> New York to Chicago Water Level Route main during the years 1970-76.  The F 
> units were maintained at Collinwood and Stanley, as I recall seeing them 
> stencilled under their numbers, and in the last days of their use under CR, 
> they were clustered in the Toledo area.  There was nothing that compared to 
> seeing a set of four or five F7A units running at 60 MPH on a freight in 
> upstate NY!  That sight and sound was awesome!  I still thrill when NS sends 
> a van train through our area with a set of GP38-2 units.  They sound like 
> Geeps or F's with their non - turbocharged exhaust.
> Jim Kosty
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> >I lived in Philadelphia during the Penn Central era.  I remember maybe
> >once in all those years seeing a freight train powered by EMD F units.
> >It was always electric power or diesel road switchers at the point.  Were
> >the F's kept on the western half of the system?  It seems the pictures I
> >have seen were taken west of Pittsburgh.
> >
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