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Re: PC: Limited production and Athearn

That's the part that irks me -  I spoke with a major manufacturer of model 
train equipment once.  He told me that the cost of making these engines they 
sell here for $100+ dollars is about $12 a unit - material, painting, 
packaging, and shipping from Gzungchienhwong - he said the rest is just a 
horrible markup.  Then they have this collector mentality that hurts the 
guys that want to model prototypically.  One GP40 just does not cut it when 
you are modelling the PC in any year of it's existence.  That would be like 
modelling CP Rail and only having one SD40-2!  This limited - edition stuff 
is for the birds.  They surely don't take an axe to the molds once they make 
a run of 1000 models - and if they lowered the cost, they would still sell a 
lot more quantity of these models to more people, and they would be making 
more money in the long run.  I find it difficult now because there is so 
much great stuff coming out all at once, but it's hard to find enough money 
to buy them all in the two week window of availability!  It's almost enough 
to make you laugh and cry at the same time!
Jim Kosty

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