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Re: PC: Early PC N5c paint/numbering

Yes, I think eventually everything got the better trucks.  And, there are a 
lot of pictures of N5 and N5B cabins that clearly have leaf springs in the 
trucks, yet still have the black cupola.  I guess the best thing to do is 
model a car you have a good photo of.  As I remember, I recall PC painting 
the entire cupola green, with the black roof edge like on the N8 and N5Cs 
running between the green cupola and green carbody sides.  The N5 cupola 
sides go right to the carbody sides, so they appeared to be green to the 
carbody.  Also, Conrail painted their cupolas blue, but did the cupola roof 
black.  Sometimes I get the two confused as they did some things similar and 
others not.  I don't know if I answered your query - maybe added to the 

Have a Good Day!
Jim Kosty

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>Didn't many of the ex-PRR receive rebuilds from PRR and get more modern
>trucks anyhow?
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> >From information I read years ago, the cabooses that had not yet had leaf
> >springs added to their trucks were painted with a black cupola.  When the
> >cars received the leaf springs, the cupolas were then painted green.
> >Jim Kosty
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