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Re: PC: Atlas/Athearn

>By the time you get an Athearn loco up to today's standard(handrails,
details, A-Line drive, new wheelsets) you are in (or >above) the Atlas price
range anyhow.
> Supposedly, retail on the new Atlas GP40 is going to be in the $80-> 90
range.....and a GP38 to follow.
 Yes, for where I am, they are overpriced. I'm also quite happy with my
engines having the stock handrails and only a few details. The biggest
change under the hood is Ernst regear kits.
 I don't have a lot of spare income, and I'd like to have an engine that I'm
interested in at a price that won't kill me. That's what got my goat about
Atlas and their Alco Centuries. Not only were they at a very high price for
me, but I also found their limited run policy exasperating.

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