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PC: Re: F-7's

>I lived in Philadelphia during the Penn Central era.  I remember maybe
>once in all those years seeing a freight train powered by EMD F units.
>It was always electric power or diesel road switchers at the point.  Were
>the F's kept on the western half of the system?  It seems the pictures I
>have seen were taken west of Pittsburgh.

Hi Norman, glad to see you joined us.

Like Jerry stated, many were based out of Collinwood.  In earlier postings
and by reading PC Power, much of the PRR units were sent to the cutters
torch prior to NYC units, and few saw full PC paint.  A few made it into CR.
PC 1501 was the only ex PRR unit to make it into CR according to Yanosey.

My favorites are the ex-PRR units that were numbered in the 1900s.  These
were set up w/PRR cab singnals and NYC automatic controls, alowing operaton
over both road's trackage.  Were these based in Cleveland-Collinwood also?


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