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PC: PC in Lebanon, Ohio

The 1973 Rand McNally Handy Railroad Atlas shows the line terminating in

The SPV Atlas, Great Lakes East shows the line terminating their also but
shows an abandoned line, labeled PRR continuing North toward Dayton.  The
towns show on that line are: Dodds, Kitchner, Venable,  Edgewood, Lytle,
Manor, Centerville, Oak Ridge then Dayton.  Just North of Manor it is
indicated as CR(PRR) which would indicate that part made it through PC
and into Conrail.  The Dayton detail map also shows the line as CR(PRR)
with a split North of Hempstead: to the NE Roslyn and Shaker Crossing.
To the NW it goes to Pasadena, the DESC, Dayton Mental Hosp and on into
downtown.  The mental hospital is on a short spur.  Coal delivery I am
sure.  Again, all abandoned from Lebanon to greater Dayton.

The SPV maps  are great!

Fred Rea

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