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Re: PC: (no subject)

On Sat, 8 Jan 2000 20:53:16 EST, penn-central -AT- smellycat.com wrote:

>  Hello,
>  I have been thinking of buying something from Tiger Valley Models, but
>  like to hear something about them before investing in such products. They

>  make RS-27 and RS36's, two models I will never see made in my lifetime
>  from brass. If you have any info it would be most appreciated.  Thier web

>  address is below.
>  Chris

 Back in 98 I talked with the owner of Tiger Valley on the phone. He advised
me that the kits are not for beginners. They are metal castings that make
one weighty loco when finished. They also do not use a drive system like
what we are used to. Tiger Valley Alcos use a small chain drive system, and
usually to just the front truck. Because of this, their traction is very
high, and they are optimized for low speed work. Using them with Athearn,
Stewart, grossly overpriced Atlas and Kato, etc. could be problematic
because of the low speed performances of the different brands.
 If you are interested, by all means go for it. I am extremely tempted to go
for an RS27 myself.


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