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PC: Atlas/Athearn

>Using them with Athearn,
>Stewart, grossly overpriced Atlas and Kato, etc.

Overpriced Atlas?  Really, with the new Atlas drives Atlas locos are good
value.  The only drawback are the moulded on grabs on their "Classics"
series, which are new drives in their earlier shells.  This can be quickly
taken care of, or, in the case of a RS-1 that I painted for someone else,
they did not care about seperate grabs.  By the time you get an Athearn loco
up to today's standards (handrails, details, A-Line drive, new wheelsets)
are in (or above) the Atlas price range anyhow.

Supposedly, retail on the new Atlas GP40 is going to be in the $80-90
range.....and a GP38 to follow.


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