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Re: PC: Stewart drive train noise


I have repaired my four C628s with good success. The kit consists of;

2 #75 Flywheel universal
2 #76 Universal Shaft
2 #77 Worm universal

They will supply the kit free of charge if you contact them at;

215-822-6968 voice
215-822-7239 fax

I communicated with a Mr. Bob Kenderdine via fax. Apparently they
recommend that you send the drive in as special tools are required
however my delicate method involved ripping the universal out of the
flywheel taking note of the depth it was inserted, replacing the drive
shaft, replacing the worm universal being careful to install in in the
same position on the worm shaft.

After doing so all units make no noise what so ever even if pushed
extremely hard by hand. Also they need to be lubricated, none of mine
appeared to be lubricated from the factory.   

I have said this before but I am very pleased with these units and
Stewart's attitude toward their customers. The only other thing I will
do is most likely repaint my PC units to get a sharper contrast on the

Have any of you installed grabs on them? Can I use standard drop grabs? 
The C630 is due out, will the PRR unit be the first? Mine are reserved
with TTH.

Best regards,

David Campbell
Norton, VA 

Garrett Rea wrote:
> Jim wrote:
> >I was test running my C628 last night (breaking the motor in) and the slop?
> in the gearbox occasionally made >grinding noises going downhill.  I need to
> look into it further.  I'll get the decoder in after tuning it up without
> >DCC.
> Mine does the same, will not coast at all on flywheels.  Someone joked to me
> that the elaborate lighting is acting like dynamic braking.  Cut the
> throttle down hill and the engine makes a God awful noise and STOPS.  Anyone
> else have the same trouble?

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