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Re: PC: C-630

On Fri, 31 Dec 1999 lnrr -AT- juno.com wrote:

> Stewart seems to be on a roll. They botched the paint (actually the
> lettering) on the L&N Century, too.

That's why I bought undecs, 10 of them. My biggest complaint is the very yellow
headlights and numberboards, has anyone else noticed this or could it be a side
effect of using a CVP RailCommand receiver with the NMRA socket?

Also, to model PC 6304 you have to blank out all but the center marker lights
and swap the green and red surface mount LED's so the red is in the center
position. Of course when you do that the red markers light up when going
FORWARD so you have to chop up and jumper the traces on the Stewart light
board. While everyone thought the light boards were pretty cool I hate the
damned things, especially for PRR/PC 628's.

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