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Re: PC: C-630

If they have not responded it does not mean that they are not listening.
They jumped on the drive problem and fixed it, furnishing parts free of
charge to those requesting them, and repairing those drives that were
sent in. You can bet that they will make improvements in future

David Campbell
Norton, VA

Steve Vargo wrote:

> >  Lon
>  Well I hope they get the coloring right for the roads in the  series. I was
> going to buy one of their Monon C628s because of Monon's Purdue freight
> colors (Monon painted freight engines black and metallic gold a la Purdue
> University, and their passenger units red and white for the Inferior
> University, and being a Purdue grad...). Then I saw the real thing. Instead
> of metallic gold it's some horrid washed-out yellowy color. My chum Jack
> Hawkins has contacted them, as have many Mononites, as to the gross mistake
> they made, but Stewart has so far turned a very deaf ear.

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