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Re: PC: C-630

>  The Stewart C-630's are reportedly going to be shipped out 1-3-99.
>  The undecs. first followed by PC!!!  later on.
>  Lon
 Well I hope they get the coloring right for the roads in the  series. I was
going to buy one of their Monon C628s because of Monon's Purdue freight
colors (Monon painted freight engines black and metallic gold a la Purdue
University, and their passenger units red and white for the Inferior
University, and being a Purdue grad...). Then I saw the real thing. Instead
of metallic gold it's some horrid washed-out yellowy color. My chum Jack
Hawkins has contacted them, as have many Mononites, as to the gross mistake
they made, but Stewart has so far turned a very deaf ear.
 On a much better note, it's great that someone is releasing new Alco
Centuries. Now we Alco-holics don't have to dig through the bins at the
train shows for the Tyco and Model Power ones. I am led to understand that
the ModPow C628 is a very nice model once you replace the handrails and
remotor it...
 Now what about C636s??? ;)

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