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Re: PC: Penn Central Lantern

<<<I am interested if anyone can place a value on the thing.  It has a
price tag on it, but I'm not sure if it is a clear reflection of its
value. >>>

Actually, PC did have a few lanterns made. I have an Adlake I picked up
for 30? dollars I think.
I have heard of another make that is much more rare and collectable, but
I forget the make.
You didn't mention the make, btw.

As for the coloring, maybe an old PC vet can tell us if any
"presentation" lanterns were given out that were painted.
If not, I hedge a bet it was "desecrated" by a well meaning individual
who didn't realize what they were doing.

 That has happened alot. <g>

Let us know the make Lee.


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