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PC: Penn Central Lantern

Happy Holidays, List
I discovered a PC-era lantern, complete with worms clearly stamped in the top.  The lantern glass is clear, and I didn't notice if it was marked.  The lantern itself was jade green, or a faded derivative thereof.
I am interested if anyone can place a value on the thing.  It has a price tag on it, but I'm not sure if it is a clear reflection of its value. 
I would think a lantern marked for PC would be pretty rare, since the railroad wasn't around long, and didn't have the coin to maintain tracks, much less buy personalized lanterns.  I would also think that given the relatively modern era of the PC, lanterns would have been on the way out anyway.
I would welcome any suggestions as to an offering price, and am also willing to pick it up and ship it to you, as I do not personally collect lanterns.
zap me off list with offers.  weldon@fastol.com

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