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PC: New life for the Zanesville branch

Substitute PC for PRR and TOC-


>Today's Columbus Dispatch has an article about the opening of a new coal
>mine in Glouster Ohio.  While that is great news for people in that
>depressed area, it is also great news for PRR fans.  The second half of
>the article explains that the opening of the mine is made possible by the
>Ohio Central Railroad.  The coal will be shipped by rail (about 40
>cars/day) over the NS(NYC-TOC) to New Lexington, then over the OC to
>Conesville.  The full text can be read at:
>In summary, about $8 million is being spent to upgrade the Ohio Central's
>line, called the Ohio Southern) from New Lexington to Zanesville.  This
>line has been in very bad condition.  It is part of the old PRR
>Zanesville branch covered extensively in the Keystone several years ago.
>My assumption is that the OC's old W&LE line will be used from Zanesville
>to Trinway and the Panhandle on to Conesville.  I think the OC no longer
>uses the Trinway-Coshocton part of the W&LE.
>Check the Dispatch Web site, it is a well written RR story.
>I think I heard rumors of this on the List some time ago.  Then I think
>it was thought to be a NS operation.  Three cheers for the folks at the
>It is not Stampede Pass but still a definite step in the Trails to Rails
>Fred Rea

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