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Re: PC: Question, PRSL

PRSL Is my hometown RR and it operated as PRSL right up untill April 1976.  
In the days of PC the PRSL had a desent freight bussiness and major money 
loosing passenger operation mandated and funded by the state.  Major freight 
custoners included farms and sand pits around Millvile, Vineland and Salem, 
power plants in Deep Water and near Ocean City and Refineries and Chemical 
plants along the delaware river that included Du Pont, Costal and some 
others.  Traffic was so high on the Penn's Grove branch that served all 
those places, 3 local freights were run plus the extras to the power plant.  
In 1969 the PATCO transit line was built and the water front facilities in 
Camden were moved to Pavonia yard, the current hub of Conrail operations.  
Some of the AS-16 and S-# Baldwins worked right un untill the end and were 
incorporated into Conrail where they were scrapped.  Other power included 10 
GP-38's.  They meant to buy 15 but the PC backed out on the deal and kept 
them for its self.  The RDC passerger operation was mainly funded by the 
state.  At one point it would have been cheaper for the state to buy every 
one of the regular train passengers a new car than to continue to fund the 
railroad.  PC owned 2/3 of the PRSL and the RGD owned 1/3 and with both of 
them going bankrupt it meant bad times for the PRSL.
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