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PC: Re: eBay-PC Articles

eBay goes nuts around Christmas.  example for me:  

a particular rock album, hard to find spinoff of a popular band.  I sold
one last witer for $56.  Then I got a copy that was made in Germany and
should be worth more since it's rarity is compounded that much more.   I
still have it now, although I am finally getting my $56 for it that;s only
because I caught a regluar copy selling for $80 and ran it and e-mailed one
of the bidders....

Over the summer you could get this for as little as $10.

But at the same time sometimes it's backwards, a different spinoff of the
same band the LP went for $100 twice in August, then dropped right off.   I
got my copy of this one as a side deal on another auction... for two bucks.

What happens is people get caught up in the fever and don;t stop to think
about how much they spend, or don;t care, they have to have that item. 
Great for the seller, but if you're a buyer and a cheap SOB like me you
have to think 6 steps ahead of everyone else.

Which means it's a good time to dust off your old Tyco green PC F-units..
and red PC cabooses.. and list 'em on there.   If I had known that magazine
would do that, I'd have bought 3 or 4 copies just to list!

Bill K.

> From: Garrett Rea <Garrett.Rea -AT- worldnet.att.net>
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: PC: eBay-PC Articles
> Date: Friday, December 24, 1999 11:38 AM
> >These Ebay sales are out in CRACKLAND somewhere....heck you probably can
> >get back issues from TRP directly for a lot less than that....something
> >wrong with this picture.......$25.00 for a $4 magazine....somebody is on
> >some serious drugs.....
> Unless you have something that IS nice or valuable, then it goes for
> nothing.  Printed material (sold a bunch of European car manuals) goes
> more than actual "stuff".  How many of us are going to put up our issues
> now, I have two around here somewhere.....  I think some people are
> addicted, I just backed out of a auction for a Quality Craft kit that
> over $40!  I bought the same kit the week before on eBay for $25.....  My
> father said the auction made it on PRR talk, so....$$$$$.
> Really, from what I have seen Trains did not give much coverage on the
> One of the articles I have around here is from November 1972, "The
> of PC".   Ditto for MR, except  the famous "HO Walthers decals for Penn
> Central steam" letter.

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