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PC: Re:eBay-PC Articles-AA/DT&I on the PC/CR

>>>Which means it's a good time to dust off your old Tyco green PC F-units..
and red PC cabooses.. and list 'em on there.

Problem with these is that there are so many out there already it seems, and 
the Marx PC Steamers!  I'd probably pay $10 for one (Tyco unit), but when 
they go for $30+, forget it.

>>>P2K NYC ALCo FB (dummy). It is now going for more than I paid for my 
powered A units off of eBay this Summer. 

When I worked for a hobby shop in the eraly 90's, LL had an excess, and we 
could get these and BL2's from the distributors for $15-20 for powered units! 
 Now they've become "collector's items".  I'd like to get a couple undec Kato 
SD-40's, but they now go for $150!
PC Articles
I looked through the entire run of the now defunct "Trackside" (6 issues), 
and there was technically not one picture of the PC, but there were three 
shots of worms during in the early CR era.

Ann Arbor/DT&I units on the PC/Conrail
Does anyone have any slides/photos of these roads together? (I'd like copies 
if possible)  I have a photo of two AA GP-35's in Jackson, MI in March of 
1977.  388 & 394 are followed by CR GP38 7857 and PC GP7 5??? (5635 maybe).  
7857 has the lettering blacked out, and a small CR stencilied toward the 
back, the GP-7 is still in PC paint.  I'll try to get it scanned this week.  
I know there was a PC unit on the Annie in Toledo, as a loaner unit while one 
of the AA GP's was at PC for a major overhaul.  There were also 2 B&O SD-40's 
on the Annie for a brief period.


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