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PC: Re: Re: eBay Irony/Christmas

Bill K wrote:

>eBay goes nuts around Christmas.  example for me...


In the same e-mail download w/Bill's note I got an outbid notice on a P2K
NYC ALCo FB (dummy). It is now going for more than I paid for my powered A
units off of eBay this Summer.  I have learned to bid what I want to pay and
walk away, most of the time it works.   If you babysit the damn auction it
goes higher than you want, bad for you, great for the seller.    Rule one,
don't sell rare stuff, that is how I "gave" away a Citroen automobile
hydraulic line tool for $30 to one bidder at the last minute.  But the
manuals for the same car went for more????

As for me, I am not going to look at eBay today, it is Christmas and I have
friends and family to be with.  And to top it off, there is a package under
the tree that is "mysteriously" the same shape and size as a Morning Sun
Color Guide and another close to a P2K box.......

Enjoy the holiday, and thanks to everyone for a good year on the PC list,
and thanks Jer for all you have done as well.


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