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PC: Favorite PC article in Trains

Heres my all time favorite Trains article on Penn Central,
"Extra Board Diary" by John R Crosby, in the November 74
issue, it tells the tale of a Amtrak engineer who for a short
while goes back to running freight, gives a good insight to us
non-railroaders what goes on in the cab and locker room, 
I've read this story a dozen times and still laugh each time.
I remember reading awhile back that Mr. Crosby has passed
away. He had a superb way of telling a tale.......

 > I'm looking for Trains magazines with articles on the Penn Central. I
> have the following five issues. If you know of any other issues that
> would be worth looking for please let me know. Do you know of any other
> past magazines with articles on the PC?

ps, Chuck, are you really going to collect more????????


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