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Re: PC: Question, PRSL

Garrett Rea wrote:
> What happened to PRSL under the days of PC?  I am completely un-familiar
> with the line, it is my understanding it was a partnership between PRR and
> Reading in New Jersey that went back into the 1930s.  Apparently the line
> has re-opened w/Budd RDC service.  Was there any measurable freight traffic
> on it?
The PRSL was a combination of lines in South Jersey owned by the PRR
and Reading. There was two main routes were from the Delair Bridge from
Philadelphia to Atlantic City via Winslow (PRR),  a former RDG line
from Camden to Tuckahoe via Winslow, and some other branches to the
south, including lines to Deepwater Point (on the Delaware River),
Vineland, Millville, etc. The RDG line at Tuckahoe split, with branches
to Ocean City and Cape May City, and on the Cape May branch was also a
short branch to Wildwood.

Today, the main remaining routes are the line to Atlantic City (now
operated by NJ Transit), and the Camden-Ocean City line (now the
Beesley's Point Secondary, operated by the Conrail Shared Assets
Operation. The line no longer goes all the way to Ocean City, but as
far as Palermo, where there is a large power plant next the Garden City
Expressway on the Great Egg Harbor. CR hauls coal and oil trains down
this line to feed the power plant.

The line operating RDCs is the Cape May Seashore Lines. They lease the
Cape May Branch from Tuckahoe south to Cape May City from the state of
NJ. Last year they operated from Cape May City north to Cape May Court
House, but hope to get to Tuckahoe next year. There's no freight traffic
right now on the CMSL, but there used to be. Some of the other PRSL
trackage still in existence are operated by the Winchester & Western
arond Bridgeton. For more info, get the Morning Sun Book _PRSL in
Color_ by John Stroup--lots of good photos and info.

For maps, you can check out the links for the PRSL from this page:

Also, in closing, thank you to everyone for your support of the PC
Mailing List this year, and may all of you and your families have a
happy and blessed Christmas.


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