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Re: PC: Question, PRSL

<<<What happened to PRSL under the days of PC?>>>

They operated as usuall. As the PRSL. There was an agreement between
PC-RDG to share costs of getting road  power 50/50.

 <<<I am completely un-familiar with the line, it is my understanding it
was a partnership between PRR and Reading in New Jersey that went back
into the 1930s. Apparently the line has re-opened w/Budd RDC service.>>>

There were several parallel lines in Jersey that were consolidated into
PRSL. There was always pass. service. to the seashore. That was replaced
w/ RDC's into the 1980-81 season(?).

 <<<Was there any measurable freight traffic on it?>>>

Lots of chemicals. Jersey is filled w/ chemicals plants and there are
lots in the ground as well <g>
Sand was a big commodity as well.

Camden, the main terminal, was the best place to find th engines on the
weekends. It still is. 
The PC dumped it's old baldwins there andd RDG dumped it's old pacifics,
PRR it's old K-4's there in days of steam.
CR dumped some remanufactured RS-3m's there in that era.

<<<Merry Christmas to All->>>


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