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PC: eBay-PC Articles

>These Ebay sales are out in CRACKLAND somewhere....heck you probably can
>get back issues from TRP directly for a lot less than that....something is
>wrong with this picture.......$25.00 for a $4 magazine....somebody is on
>some serious drugs.....

Unless you have something that IS nice or valuable, then it goes for
nothing.  Printed material (sold a bunch of European car manuals) goes for
more than actual "stuff".  How many of us are going to put up our issues
now, I have two around here somewhere.....  I think some people are
addicted, I just backed out of a auction for a Quality Craft kit that closed
over $40!  I bought the same kit the week before on eBay for $25.....  My
father said the auction made it on PRR talk, so....$$$$$.

Really, from what I have seen Trains did not give much coverage on the PC.
One of the articles I have around here is from November 1972, "The Ironies
of PC".   Ditto for MR, except  the famous "HO Walthers decals for Penn
Central steam" letter.


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