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Re: PC: HO PC cabin car decals are available now in NY State too!

>Just wanted to let you PC fans that model in HO know that
>quality HO decal set for Penn Central cabin cars is available now.  The 
>time frame covered is
>the eight years of Penn Central's existence.  The set includes enough to do
>at least two cabooses in each dominant scheme.  Schemes covered include the
>white striped scheme as seen on ex- PRR cupola cabins, the similar scheme
>minus white stripe (also early), the Altoona - built N-10 only scheme for
>the bay window with larger PC herald and slanted PC and numbers, two types
>of transfer caboose lettering (ex- NYC type fonts), and the standard and
>final scheme with the large locomotive - style numbers and "Penn Central"
>spelled out under the cupola or over the bay window.  I also included
>several extras, including PC - style "TOC" initials as used on box cars, 
>several of the wider PC logos as were seen on the noses of many early PC
>repainted F units, Geeps, and some Alcos, including the C-636 order.  The
>sets include trust stencils, battery plug lettering, cabin car classes, 
>dates and end lettering such as "POOL" and appropriate road numbers and
>initials.  Sets will include sample lettering diagrams for the major 
>and cars they were applied to. Cost of
>set is to be $6.00, plus .50 cents postage.  New York State residents must 
>add their applicable sales tax for their locality, as always.
  These are quality sets,
>for me by Rail Graphics of Elgin, Ill.  Send inquiries to: Jim Kosty
>203 Sharwill Place
>Corning NY 14830
>or email to j_kosty -AT- hotmail.com
>Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com

Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com

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