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Re: PC: GP9 steam generators.

> I just acquired an undec. GP9, and am considering painting it up for the PC. 
> The steam generator stacks on the short hood have already been removed. My 
> question is, did PC's GP9's (and others) have steam-generators or not? What 
> numbers did each type have?
I'll be able to tell you more when I pull out my copy of _PC Power_, but I
know that all of the 7500-series ex-NH GP9s *did* have steam generators.

> I was also looking into getting a few hopper cars. Does Bowser still make 
> them in the black PC scheme?

AFAIK, they still do. I should know....I have a 12-pack myself that I need
to assemble one of these days.... :-(  Also, I believe Stewart still makes
H37 and H39 hoppers in the PRR and PC schemes. 


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