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PC: Re: PC numbering system/Moon/Toledo Train Show

> He, along with three others was assigned the task of creating the PC 
> locomotive numbering system in 1966.  The 1000-1999 series would be used 
for covered wagon A-units.

Can someone post the rest of the numbering system?  I am building a 
semi-ficticious RR based in the PC era - so I can have some PC stuff too, and 
have pretty much come up with loco numbers, but would like to compare them.  
I don't have enough of the Railroad roster lists to look at.  I know some 
roads base (or at least partly) their system on axles and horsepower, others 
by loco builder.  The Detroit & Mackinac as a small road uses the date the 
loco was accuired.  As I have not painted a darn thing yet, I can still 
change as needed.

My numbering scheme, Time era 1965-1975

1000's      Passenger units (all cabs)
1100's up   Other Cab units
2000's      Older 4 axle units - GP'9, RS3's etc
3000's      Older 6 axle units - SD-9's...
4000's      Newer 4 axle road units, GP-30's-40's, Alco C424
5000's      open
6000's      Newer 6 axle road units, SD's, Alco C6**
7000's      open
8000's      open
9000's      Switchers, misc, experimental units,

Toledo Train Show
Dec 26 is the usual Friends of Toledo Train show at the Maumee Rec Center on 
Key Street.  Starts around 10 am I believe, with an early bird pass of around 
$10 or so.  Usually around 200-250 tables or so.  Good variety of scales, RR 
stuff, etc, - I know of at least 3 dealers with photos and such, mostly 
AA/DT&I, but usually some PC stuff mixed in.  Also books, videos, etc.

There's also the idea that the allignment of the moon & sun will cause 
catastrophic earthquakes and flooding.  So batten down your rolling stock, 
and beware of carollers disguised as warewolves bearing holiday gifts.


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