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PC: PC Hoppers & Big ALCo

> > AFAIK, they still do. I should know....I have a 12-pack myself that I
> > to assemble one of these days.... :-(  Also, I believe Stewart still
> > H37 and H39 hoppers in the PRR and PC schemes.
>Bowser offers PC H43 100T hoppers.  They have made two runs of 12 numbers,
>so there are 24 different numbers available.  I've asked about a third
>run, haven't heard yet...

Anything more on the large logo early PC H37/39s from Stewart yet?  I know
Ken asked us if anyone was interested.  As I model early PC, I do not have a
single PC hopper as of now.

Waiting for the C630 so it can sit on the shelf with the unfinished
C628...any word on the Detail Associates set yet?  Walthers lists a number.


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