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PC: C636's etc

Some great chatter on the PC list this weekend.  To eliminate duplicate e-mail, I have consolidated a couple of items in this one post.

A Olsen wrote:
"As an attached thread, I posted a query on a Conrail bulletin board last 
year about some used ALCO Centuries that were bought in the US and sent to 
Au.  Some of them were Conrail, but I am not sure if they originally were PC 
or another CR railroad."

Two C636's to Cliffs Robe River (Australia) via NI&M during 12/85:
CR 6781 formerly PC 6331
CR 6782 formerly PC 6332
Interestingly, these two, together with C636's CR 6783 (PC 6333) and CR 6785 (PC 6335) were originally going to the NYS&W but were rejected in interchange.  Conrail was none too happy about the Alco's running haulage trains along the mostly single track Delaware Division between Binghamton and Campbell Hall.  Instead, NYS&W picked up the used SD45's / F45's.

Jerry Jordak wrote:
"Speaking of passenger equipment, it seems that PC (and many other roads)
gave their passenger equipment 4-digit numbers. Wouldn't that conflict
with the numbers of their locomotives? While I understand that it would
be difficult to confuse a coach with a U-boat, it still doesn't make a
whole lot of sense...."

According to an article by E.T. Harley in the April-May 1970 Extra 2200 South, the Penn Central numbering system for locomotives was based on the premise that if piece of equipment could move under its own power, it was considered a "locomotive" as opposed to a passenger or freight car.  He, along with three others was assigned the task of creating the PC locomotive numbering system in 1966. Here is what he says about self propelled passenger equipment:
No locomotive would be given one, two, or three digit numbers.  Since MU and RDC cars were occupying these number series, we felt it would not be necessary or desirable to allow cars capable of self propulsion and trailers with control cabs to have the same number as a locomotive.  This would avoid the possibility of accidental train order mix-ups, for example, if MU car 501 and locomotive 501 were operating in the same territory, even thought MU cars and engines are identified as such on train orders.  The use of three digit numbers on the former Rio Grande F7's does not cause any problems as these locomotives are temporarily assigned for operation and do not operate in MU car territory.  

The 1000-1999 series would be used for covered wagon A-units.  Since this power is being phased out as they require extensive repair, this number series is also being made available for MU cars.

Bryan Turner wrote:
"On an unrelated note, beware of a junk email floating around about "the
brightest full moon in umpteen years." I've received several copies from
multiple sources, including some on railroad lists. This message is
bogus, like the email tax, the dying child wanting get well cards, the
major corporation that donates to cults,......."

Bryan, I share your frustration with garbage on the internet.  However, this is not an e-mail hoax.  It was a front page story in the Wall Street Journal last Friday.  The moon will appear 14% larger in the sky on the 22nd and be brighter than usual because the earth is at its perigee with the sun (closest point) at the winter solstice (tomorrow 21st) while the moon will be at its perigee (closest position to the earth) while also being full.  Both the earth's orbit around the sun and the moon's orbit around the earth are elliptical and this is the first time in 133 years that all aforementioned factors in the orbits occur within a couple of days.  The moon is actually escaping from the earth at about 1 inch per year elongating its orbit, and eventually it will leave the earth's orbit entirely.  According to scientists, there is no danger of it hitting the earth.

Happy holidays
Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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