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Re: PC: FA Thread & PC Prototype

> From: Blue Moon Network Administrator <root -AT- net.bluemoon.net>
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> Subject: Re: PC: FA Thread & PC Prototype
> Date: Saturday, December 18, 1999 7:58 PM
> I believe that there aren't any C636's in the U.S. anymore. I have heard
> Mexico has some, but I don't know about previous ownership and I have
> they are a huge pain in the ass to deal with as far as bring units back
to the
> States goes. Numerous people are saying it is a complete miracle the PA
> were obtained. I know of only one C630 (the Reading T&HS unit) and no
C628's on
> U.S. soil. Big U.S. built ALCos are hard to come by.

' There must be some PC U23B's
> kicking around somewhere. I'd really love to see a PC U33C preserved,
they were
> the first units delivered in PC paint as they had been ordered by PRR.

As I mentioned, one ex-CR big Alco exists in Calfornia.   U23B's are really
hard, other than the 2717 which may be on the Reading and Northern and may
have been sold ($90,000 asking price) I don't think any of them lasted much
beyond trade-in to GE.   The majority of those left are ex-LV or ex-CR.  
Guilford cleaned out it's dead lines and I suspect the last ex-PC 6-axle
U-boats are gone also - a few got sold to the D&H in the mid-80's.   Their
lone U23B would be a good preservation candidate, being one of the first,
although it is D&H and not PC.

It may become possible soon to save something.   UP made an order for 1000
SD70's and will be dumping their junk on the market...  that should pretty
well kill the values on older 6-axle power.  Anything pretty well used up
will be only worth scrap value.   UP has some ex-PC units, as per that
forwarded CRTHS update and also some GP40's D&RGW bought and some other
GP40's rebuilt as GP38-2's in the 2500 series.   Should be some in the
GP40's SP had MK rebuild, too.   In any case as they dispose of old engines
they'll cascade through the lessor market and as a result any unit with
life left will get run into the ground.   I think with a surplus you'll see
fewer rebuilds and a lot of units outright scrapped - which makes them more
affordable for preservation, and more attractive to donate away in some

Bill K.

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