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PC: 4 Digit Coach Numbers

I forgot to mention this in my previous message, but NARM's 60## coaches
all have sixty seats. Was this an intentional system to make car
management easier? These cars, while all Budd/PRR, were built over a long
period of time and have many substantial differences. I can't see giving
them similar numbers because they are not all from the same class. I
could see Amtrak giving them all a similar number to keep up with their
origins. These cars were surplused before H.E.P., and they still use
Pennsy's electrical and a/c systems (much to the chagrin of the people
who work on them.)

On an unrelated note, beware of a junk email floating around about "the
brightest full moon in umpteen years." I've received several copies from
multiple sources, including some on railroad lists. This message is
bogus, like the email tax, the dying child wanting get well cards, the
major corporation that donates to cults,.......

Bryan Turner

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