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Re: PC: Re: Re: Prototype

> Speaking of passenger equipment, it seems that PC (and many other 
> roads)
> gave their passenger equipment 4-digit numbers. Wouldn't that 
> conflict
> with the numbers of their locomotives? While I understand that it 
> would
> be difficult to confuse a coach with a U-boat, it still doesn't make 
> a
> whole lot of sense....

The North Alabama Railroad Museum bought several Amtrak/PC/PRR coaches.
They are numbered 6082, 6090 and 6072. They sold 6075 a few years back. 

Southern had a problem with computers getting confused when a
locomotive's number matched a car's numbered. That's why they went to a
system where a letter was appended to the road number on the locomotive.

I'm guessing the process dates back to the pre-computer age when a person
handling paper would automatically know if they were dealing with a
locomotive or a car.

Bryan Turner

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