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Re: PC: Re: Re: Prototype

R&DJohnson wrote:
> Anyone been to Spingfield, MA passenger station?  There's a PC Baggage car
> there in Dark green actually in pretty good condition.  Been there for
> years...never moved.
There's a photo of that car by Jim Fellows on the PC web site at

Also, at the Lancaster, Pa, station on the Amtrak Keystone Line are 
two or three ex-NYC, ex-PC baggage cars. They appear to have been there
a while and not going anywhere soon, as they had "DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE"
signs on them (in reference to the overhead catenary).....

Speaking of passenger equipment, it seems that PC (and many other roads)
gave their passenger equipment 4-digit numbers. Wouldn't that conflict
with the numbers of their locomotives? While I understand that it would
be difficult to confuse a coach with a U-boat, it still doesn't make a
whole lot of sense....


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