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Re: PC: PC Originals

 A few years ago, my dad was cleaning out a desk in his office at the steel
mill (Transportation, Inland Steel in Indiana Harbor, IN), and he found an
almost perfect NYC rulebook from the early 60s. Also, just recently via
eBay, I picked up a PC Hazmat rulebook from the early 70s and a handbrake
training manual from the same period for a combined outlay of 10 bucks.
 eBay is a great place to go to find PC knickknacks of all sorts. Once I
even saw someone selling Metroliner water cooler cups.
 Doing a search for "Penn Central" will turn up company doodads from the
cups to PC Policemens' Badges to old copies of The Post. Tie clips, maps,
stock certificates, manuals and so forth. The HO model stuff also has hidden
pearls like the AHM Flexi-Flo car and new Atlas engines without the
gouge-level prices.

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