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PC: Re: FA Thread & PC Prototype

If I mention that I like PC, most people give you that "Are you nuts?" look
and roll their eyes. PC still is looked upon as a black mark on railroading,
and except for us PC fans, I doubt you will see much PC preservation.

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Subject: PC: FA Thread & PC Prototype

> Gents:
> Came home to a ton of e-mail, including the lengthy debate on FAs.  I am
> glad that someone pointed out that the one that is painted PC is not a
> FA1/2 or ex-PC for that matter.
> Tonite, despite being under the weather, I went to our (Tennessee
> museum holiday party.  One of the events that occurred was a slide show of
> the museum's efforts.  There were several slides of the E units when they
> showed up in Nashville in PC/DOT paint.  One had a crude keystone spray
> panted on the nose and the statement "Pennsy Forever" or something of the
> like, etc.  The slides showed the efforts to blast off its PC markings and
> paint it in a God awful fake L&N-like paint job.
> The point is, are there any museums that are willing to restore any PC
> equipment as PC?  I know that IRM has two units in PC paint (the GG1 is
> being blasted/repainted) and I am sure there are more out there.  Granted,
> most museums go back and paint them for the original owner.  However,
> for some un-historical (selfish?) reason, repaint either to their own
> "line", or "local line" that never owned (insert equipment) in the first
> place.  So if you are going to do this, why not paint it for a later
> (merger) owner like PC, SCL, Chessie, etc, since you are a MUSEUM and
> therefore, trying to preserve HISTORY.
> Anyone work with a museum that can explain this rationale?  Anyone else
> any thoughts on this topic, or is prototype PC gone for good?

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