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PC: Prototype

>That said, at least 3 different cabooses have been restored to PC colors at
>various museums, former PRR/NH cars I believe.
>Bill K.

Yes, I have seen those, and my hat is off to those folks.  As far as color,
there was an article in the KEYSTONE a while back about a guy that painted
either an N8 or N5c in focal orange and hated it afterwards.  I guess red
w/shadow keystone (the way they all get painted...) was his wish but why?
His was different and preserved a moment of PRR (and early PC) history.

Granted, a black PC E8 could be a bit of an eyesore due to size, but how
about a green and white smooth side passenger car (if any survive) or fluted
car with the black letter boards?  I know that very few museums ever obtain
freight (esp second generation, IRM's six axle BN U boat is the only one I
can think of) diesels due to their value, but a step back, a GP7 would be
sharp.  Unfortunately, the same GP7 in NYC would be pure nostalgia......


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