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Re: PC: FA Thread & PC Prototype

>  The point is, are there any museums that are willing to restore any PC
>  equipment as PC?  I know that IRM has two units in PC paint (the GG1 is
>  being blasted/repainted) and I am sure there are more out there. 
>  most museums go back and paint them for the original owner.  However,
>  for some un-historical (selfish?) reason, repaint either to their own
>  "line", or "local line" that never owned (insert equipment) in the first
>  place.  So if you are going to do this, why not paint it for a later
>  (merger) owner like PC, SCL, Chessie, etc, since you are a MUSEUM and
>  therefore, trying to preserve HISTORY.

 Well, Garrett, from where I sit it seems like it's the curse that PC has
for it's place in history. For all that we on this list like it for, it
still unfortunately is the biggest transportation failure and one of the
greatest business failures of the 20th century. Museums don't seem to be
overly interested in negative-light sort of things. Not quite on the same
tack, but look at how rare finding German, Italian, or Japanese WW2 aircraft
in a museum is...
 Admittedly, it would be a nice change of pace to find a PC unit in a museum
collection. Sadly, black and white just aren't, well, FLASHY enough.
Compared to the original owner paint, it was easier for your museum to sell
the idea of a really crappy quality L&N paint job simply because of
colorfulness. Besides the rare Red P and the hen's teeth rare Orange C, the
only units with any colorfulness were the blue and yellow FL9s, which were
even more spectacular sights when they were New Haven's.
 Finally, there's just plain old-fashioned chauvanism. Even in this group
I've seen Red Team/Green Team BS still floating around. It's the "Since
they're not OUR local road anymore because they combined into that outsider
group they suck" mentality.
 Where I come from, the smaller roads had the nicest color. Belt Railway of
Chicago's gentlemanly black, gray, and yellow; Chicago Short Line's maroon
and yellow with a green herald; and even Indiana Harbor Belt, which despite
the old black engines had the snappy cigar band herald and jade green
cabooses, and then played with pumpkin orange and black. Even the Elgin,
Joliet and Eastern got color with a couple ex-Missabe SD9s in burgandy with
the original yellow arrowhead and a series of forest green SW1500s...

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