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PC: FA Thread & PC Prototype


Came home to a ton of e-mail, including the lengthy debate on FAs.  I am
glad that someone pointed out that the one that is painted PC is not a real
FA1/2 or ex-PC for that matter.

Tonite, despite being under the weather, I went to our (Tennessee Central's)
museum holiday party.  One of the events that occurred was a slide show of
the museum's efforts.  There were several slides of the E units when they
showed up in Nashville in PC/DOT paint.  One had a crude keystone spray
panted on the nose and the statement "Pennsy Forever" or something of the
like, etc.  The slides showed the efforts to blast off its PC markings and
paint it in a God awful fake L&N-like paint job.

The point is, are there any museums that are willing to restore any PC
equipment as PC?  I know that IRM has two units in PC paint (the GG1 is
being blasted/repainted) and I am sure there are more out there.  Granted,
most museums go back and paint them for the original owner.  However, others
for some un-historical (selfish?) reason, repaint either to their own
"line", or "local line" that never owned (insert equipment) in the first
place.  So if you are going to do this, why not paint it for a later
(merger) owner like PC, SCL, Chessie, etc, since you are a MUSEUM and
therefore, trying to preserve HISTORY.

Anyone work with a museum that can explain this rationale?  Anyone else have
any thoughts on this topic, or is prototype PC gone for good?


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